Fixing steel angles to soffit and concrete slab.

Pronto Panel installation requires fixing Pronto Angles to soffit and concrete slab. The steel angle should be connected to the soffit and concrete slab using mechanical fasteners at 600mm centres.

Installation Process 2

Mixing Pronto Panel Adhesive.

The Pronto Panel Adhesive is a two-part thin bed adhesive mix. For the best results the use of an electric drill mixer (900W electric drill, Festo or the like) is recommended. Typical adhesive coverage rates are 60m2/20kg bag.

Installation Process 3

Lifting Pronto Panel into position.

Lift the panels easily into position with a Pronto Panel cradle trolley.


Fixing the Panel to Pronto Angle.

To fix the Pronto Panel to the steel angle, use 14-10 x 50 mm hex head Type 17 screws. The screws should be nominally 300 centres. At least 4 screws should be inserted per panel, 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom.


Adhesive to Panel.

When the Pronto Panel is in place, apply Pronto Panel Adhesive into the groove of the panel.

Installing Panels

Panel to Panel Connection.

Position the second panel into place. Screw the second panel to steel angle.


Smooth out Adhesive.

Once the Pronto Panels are placed in position and connected, a trowel can be used to smooth out and scrape off any excess adhesives from the joints. This ensures good acoustic insulation and fire resistance.


Fire Sealing, Dampeners and collars.

Where fire resistance is required, backing rod and fire resistant acrylic sealant must be installed at the top of the panel to ensure good acoustic insulation and fire resistance. Pronto Panel can accommodate a 300 x 300mm penetration for a fire dampener. Fire collars are to be used when installing pipes through fire rated walls.


More information on Pronto Panel can be found in the Pronto Panel Technical Manual, available for download on our resources page.

Installation Technical Manual
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